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TOM FORD Velvet Orchid 50ml Eau de Parfum Fragrance Gift Set from John Lewis

Brilliant. Lavish. Refined. TOM FORD Velvet Orchid is an oriental floral that evolves the grandeur and seductive power of the iconic TOM FORD Black Orchid into an uber-feminine fragrance lavished with notes of cool citrus, dramatic petals, honey and rum. The warm oriental floral and the luxurious cream lipstick it inspires. “To this day, velvet is my favorite fabric. The woman who wears this is not a wildflower. She’s an urban flower, she’s a hothouse flower, she’s an Orchid.” TOM FORD. Fragrance Inspiration: Velvet Orchid pushes the DNA of the original Black Orchid into new territory, evolving hidden facets of the original’s olfactive structure with extravagant ingredients to reveal even more brilliance, femininity and attractive force. Bottle Inspiration: A streamlined, modern interpretation of 1920’s and 1930’s architecture. On clean skin, spray once or twice on desired areas. Do not rub the fragrance on skin, as this will alter how the fragrance develops. May apply lip color directly to the lips from the bullet or with lip brush. Set contains: Velvet Orchid Eau de Parfum, 50ml Lip Colour, Velvet Orchid, 3g

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Price: £ 122.00

Last updated: 2018-12-04 11:09:16