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Giorgio Armani / Privé Figuier Eden Eau de Toilette, 100ml from John Lewis

Giorgio Armani presents Figuier Eden, the new fragrance in the collection Les Eaux from Armani/Privé: A real ode to nature. In the warm serenity of summer nights, Giorgio Armani collects the perfumed secrets of the fig tree. This tree of paradise reveals the raw freshness of its leaves, the creamy languor of its sap and the silvery satin of its bark.The brilliance of citrus zest meets the vibrant touch of pink peppercorns.The green fig accord evokes the velvety feel and suppleness of the fruit’s skin, hinting at the delicate pulp and sweet nectar. The matte, talc-like and almost white radiance of Moroccan iris responds in an echo. It is embellished with spicy sparks and mineral reflections. In the base, woods and vegetal ambers intertwine to recreate the satiny gray of the tree’s bark and leave its delicious imprint on the skin.

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Price: £ 117.00

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