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£4.99 instead of £17.99 (from London ExchainStore) for a Wonder Knife – save 72%

Wonder Non-Stick Kitchen Knife
Get a Wonder Knife. No-stick and no sharpening required! Ergonomically designed to let food slide off. Perfect for slicing, dicing and chopping easily! Made from stainless steel. Size: 26 x 4cm.

Store Price: £ 17.99

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2019/05/20 Valid to: 2019/07/21

£4.99 instead of £29.99 for an 8-in-1 can-opener and kitchen tool from London Exchain Store – save up to 83%

8-in-1 Can-Opener & Kitchen Tool
Spruce up your kitchen with a brand new set of utensils. The perfect collection for any food fanatic. Get an 8-in-1 can opener and kitchen tool. A quirky and functional tool. Open cans, bottles, and jars with ease.

Store Price: £ 29.99

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2019/05/18 Valid to: 2019/07/12

£5.99 instead of £39.99 for a set of 3 stainless steel whisks from Wiseloads International Limited – save up to 85%

Set of 3 Stainless Steel Whisks
Spruce up your kitchen with a brand new set of whisks. The whisk set come in 3 sizes; 8,10 & 12 inches. The stainless steel ends allow for easy hanging on any hook. Made of high quality durable stainless steel. Must-have for home cooks and restaurant chefs.

Store Price: £ 39.99

Offer Price: £ 5.99

Valid from: 2019/05/18 Valid to: 2019/07/15

£29.99 (from Trojan Electronics) for a refurbished Tassimo TAS1402GB Vivy 2 coffee machine

Tassimo Vivy 2 Coffee Machine by Bosch – Black
Get a refurbished Tassimo Vivy 2 coffee machine. Prepare your favourite hot drinks at the touch of a button. With an innovative flow-through heater – no need to wait around for hot water! And an easy-to-refill 0.7L water tank! Flexible, height-adjustable cup stand. The perfect addition to your kitchen – with a sleek, black finish.

Store Price: £ 

Offer Price: £ 29.99

Valid from: 2019/01/30 Valid to: 2019/07/16

£19.99 (from Smart Retail Goods) for a Russell Hobbs stainless steel kettle or two-slice toaster, or £38.99 for both

Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel 1.7L Kettle & 2-Slice Toaster
Get a 1.7L kettle from Russel Hobbs. Or a compact two-slice toaster. Upgrade to get a matching set! Both made of brushed stainless steel. A must-have addition to any kitchen.

Store Price: £ 

Offer Price: £ 19.99

Valid from: 2019/05/18 Valid to: 2019/07/18

£14.99 instead of £38.99 (from Appliance Spares Warehouse) for an Ovation 450W personal blender with mason jar and sports cup – save 62%

Ovation 450W Personal Blender with Mason Jar & Sports Cup
Get an Ovation personal blender. Comes with 500ml mason jar and 600ml sports cup! Uses a powerful 450W motor for speeds of up to 21,000RPM. High-powered, four blade extractor. Anti-slip silicone feet. Blades, cups and lids all dishwasher safe!

Store Price: £ 38.99

Offer Price: £ 14.99

Valid from: 2018/12/26 Valid to: 2019/06/14

£44.99 instead of £99.99 (from Smart Retail Goods) for a Tower 3.2L air fryer – save 50%!

Tower 3.2L Low Fat Air Fryer
Get a 1350W Tower air fryer. With a capacity of 3.2L. Uses an innovative air circulation system for efficient cooking. And an adjustable temperature control- up to 200⁰C. Automatic switch-off safety feature. A healthier way to get great fried food!

Store Price: £ 99.99

Offer Price: £ 44.99

Valid from: 2019/05/15 Valid to: 2019/07/15

£34.99 for a refurbished Tassimo Bosch hot drinks machine!

Tassimo Bosch Hot Drinks Machine – 2 Models!
Get a refurbished Tassimo Costa Coffee hot drinks machine! Choose between a black model or a silver ‘caddy’ model. The Bosch Tassimo black model is a multi-beverage machine which is T-Disc compatible. It holds coffee capsules, has a minimal heat up time, a 0.7L water tank and adjustable cup stand. The Tassimo silver ‘caddy’ model features a useful T Dic coffee pod holder, holding up to 128 at one time. It has a 1.2L water tank, 3.3 bar pressure and a removable drip tray!

Store Price: £ 

Offer Price: £ 34.99

Valid from: 2019/05/08 Valid to: 2019/07/10

£19.99 instead of £62.99 (from WowWhatWho) for a digital car pump with tactical flashlight – save 68%

Digital Car Pump with Tactical Flashlight
Get a digital car pump with tactical flashlight. With an LED display in real-time and pressure gauge.. Designed with an emergency light for those dark breakdowns. 2.8 meters of 12V car power cord. Great for cars, bikes, motorcycles, RV, SUV and ATV as well as sports equipment and inflatables.

Store Price: £ 62.99

Offer Price: £ 19.99

Valid from: 2019/04/12 Valid to: 2019/06/12

£4.99 instead of £43.85 for a 4-in-1 garlic press from Wiseloads International Limited – save up to 89%

4-in-1 Garlic Press
Slice and dice garlic in one motion. Micro-grating surface on the removable storage container. Extremely easy to use and quick to clean. Your fingers will be odour free thanks to its removable container. The perfect addition to any kitchen. Small & compact design, place in your drawers or cupboards.

Store Price: £ 43.85

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2019/05/14 Valid to: 2019/06/11

£5.49 instead of £17.50 (from Dream Price Direct) for a pack of six decorative tea glasses – choose from 14 designs and save 69%

6 x Decorative Tea Glasses – 14 Designs!
Get a pack of six tea glasses! In a choice of 14 adorable designs! Including sunflowers, football and paisley! 265ml capacity! Easy clean and dishwasher safe! Perfect for your tea party!

Store Price: £ 17.50

Offer Price: £ 5.49

Valid from: 2019/05/12 Valid to: 2019/07/12

£59 instead of £194.99 (from Groundlevel) for an extra-large portable air cooling fan – save an easy breezy 70%

Extra Large Portable Fan Air Cooler
Get an extra-large portable air cooling fan. Portable and complete with wheels. Perfect for use in in the kitchen, living room, dining room or caravan. Ideal for the sweaty sunny season. Approx. H 68 x W 43 x D 33cm. Keep things cool when the warmer weather hits!

Store Price: £ 194.99

Offer Price: £ 59.00

Valid from: 2019/05/09 Valid to: 2019/07/09

£49 instead of £144.99 (from Groundlevel) for a easy move three-speed portable air cooling unit – save 66%

Easy Move 3-Speed Portable Air Cooling Unit
Cool yourself down this summer with a three-speed air cooling unit. With 60 watts of power, it’s ideal for chilling down your room quickly. Designed with caster wheels so it’s easy to move around. Size: (3.5L capacity) (H) 55cm x (W) 26cm x (D) 27cm approx. Perfect for your kitchen, living room, bedroom or anywhere in your house!

Store Price: £ 144.99

Offer Price: £ 49.00

Valid from: 2019/05/09 Valid to: 2019/07/09

£39.99 instead of £89.99 (from Smart Retail Goods) for a 1.6L compact air fryer – save 56%

Tower 1.6L 100W Compact Air Fryer with 30-Minute Timer!
Make fried meals healthier with a 1.6L air fryer. Uses minimal to no oil to cook delicious food. The 30 minute timer guarantees precise cooking. Adjust the temperature from 80 to 200 degrees. Inbuilt automatic switch of ensures safety. 100W power output for more efficient cooking.

Store Price: £ 89.99

Offer Price: £ 39.99

Valid from: 2019/05/08 Valid to: 2019/07/08

£5.99 instead of £40 for a 25-piece biscuit maker from Direct2Public Ltd – save up to 85%

25pc Biscuit Maker
Get yourself a 25-piece biscuit maker set! Contains one pump machine to press out the biscuit. With a ratchet drive mechanism and machined steel piston rod. You can also adjust the biscuit thickness easily! With 20 different cookie blades to create a wide variety of shapes. Along with four nozzles for decorating your biscuits.

Store Price: £ 40.00

Offer Price: £ 5.99

Valid from: 2019/05/08 Valid to: 2019/07/03

£12.99 instead of £39.99 for a stainless steel pasta maker from Direct2Public Ltd – save up to 64%

Stainless Steel Pasta Maker
Get yourself a stainless steel pasta maker! Make fresh, homemade pasta dishes like spaghetti, linguine and lasagne. Fully adjustable, with six settings for different thicknesses of pasta. With a double cutter head for making spaghetti, fettuccine and more. Table clamp comes included to hold the machine in place! Comes with a removable handle and is easy to clean.

Store Price: £ 39.99

Offer Price: £ 12.99

Valid from: 2019/05/08 Valid to: 2019/07/03

£4.99 instead of £10.99 for a large glass chopping board from SHS Trading Ltd – save 55%

Large Glass Chopping Board
Perfect your cooking skills with this large glass chopping board. Use it as a cutting & chopping station or for serving up canapes. Dishwasher safe. The large surface gives you plenty of room for slicing & dicing. Ideal for home use or in restaurants, cafes & bars.

Store Price: £ 10.99

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2019/05/07 Valid to: 2019/06/04

£16.99 instead of £79.99 (from Wish Whoosh Offers) for a tabletop air cooler – save 79%

Portable USB Tabletop Air Cooler
Get a tabletop air cooler. Designed to lower the temperature of a small space by 6-8 degrees Celsius. Quiet operation with three wind settings (high, medium or low). Low energy consumption with 6-8 hours of humidifying time (plugs in with USB). Automatically shuts off once water has run out. Just add water, plug in and turn on!

Store Price: £ 79.99

Offer Price: £ 16.99

Valid from: 2019/05/06 Valid to: 2019/07/06

£15.98 for a Savant kitchen fruit and vegetable magic chopper!

Savant Kitchen Fruit & Vegetable Magic Chopper
Get a Savant kitchen fruit and vegetable magic chopper! Includes a Perpetual peeler, eBook and cleaning tool. Has four interchangeable stainless steel blades. Plus a storage container lid and made from long lasting materials. Easily chop, cut, slice or dice with one swift motion. All pieces are detachable for easy cleaning – hand wash recommended.

Store Price: £ 

Offer Price: £ 15.98

Valid from: 2019/05/05 Valid to: 2019/07/05

From £18.99 instead of £55 (from Spire Tech) for a Russell Hobbs Futura stainless steel toaster – choose from two sizes and save up to 65%

Russell Hobbs Futura Stainless Steel Toaster – 2 Sizes!
Get a two-slice toaster from Russell Hobbs. Or upgrade to get a four-slice toaster! Made from stainless steel. Features defrost and mid-cycle cancel functions. With a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. An essential addition to any kitchen!

Store Price: £ 55.00

Offer Price: £ 18.99

Valid from: 2019/03/30 Valid to: 2019/07/01