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Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme Eau de Parfum Limited Edition Refillable Spray with Clutch, 50ml from John Lewis & Partners

Kilian pushes two of its heritage fragrances to their olfactive extremes. Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme, is dipped in a delicious elixir of pure milky toffee goodness. Take the uninhibited whirlwind of flowers in Good Girl Gone Bad and envelope it in a luscious, milky facet. It opens with a pink and white bouquet of roses of May, and the most beautiful orange blossoms carried by the song of three sirens, calling from its core: tuberose, Egyptian jasmine sambac, and narcissus. These exquisite flowers are wrapped in a milky toffee elixir, making them half-innocent, half-voluptuous, and now – a delicious temptress altogether. Perfumer: Alberto Morillas. The jet-black perfume flacon can be tucked and carried away in a dedicated, black lacquer clutch adorned with the seductress’s ultimate partner-in-crime: a snake as if emerging from the depths of desire.

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Price: £ 245.00

Last updated: 2019-03-07 07:38:15