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Maison Margiela Replica Flying Eau de Parfum, 100ml from John Lewis

Fantasise about flying through endless blue skies with Maison Margiela’s new fragrance Flying. Taking the citrusy, smooth and fresh scents of Bergamot Essence and the dusting of sweet floral and rosy-woody notes of Petit Grain Essence and Orange Flower Absolute, this perfume ignites the scent of gliding past fields of budding flowers. Part of the Replica collection by Maison Margiela, a set of Eau de Parfum fragrances designed to reach above and beyond our memory and peek into the unknown, ensnaring our penchant for fantasy, constructed by personal dreams and surreal possibilities.

Beauty > Women’s Fragrance

Price: £ 130.00

Last updated: 2018-08-31 07:37:20



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