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ZARKOPERFUME Oud-Couture Parfum Serum, 30ml from John Lewis

It all starts in our laboratory – the sacred space where we craft truly special, original serums unconstrained by the conventions of mainstream perfume-making. There, we designed these serums to guide you away from the daily grind into a dream world, where anything is possible. These serums tell a tale of thousands of elements all entangled – elements that have been key to perfume and perfume accords since the beginning of time. It’s about respecting tradition, while also looking to the future. About daring to question anything, and to redefine what it means to wear the soil of the earth. Zarko Parfum Serums are unisex scents, so that it can be used both by men and women. Each Parfum serum has a very high concentration of perfume which means only a small amount is needed on key pulse points of the body, compared to an ordinary Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum. The concentration of pure perfume is as high as 50% which makes the product extra clean, since there are no added preservatives or other man-made allergenic fragrances. The Serums are created using molecules, meaning it adjusts and develops individually person to person, so you get a completely unique and personalised fragrance. Top notes: Mandarin Orange, Orange blossom, Bergamot Middle notes: Cardamom, Black Pepper, Vanilla Base notes: Agarwood (oud), Sandalwood, Palisander Rosewood, Vetiver A fragrance for men and women. 30ml

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Price: £ 95.00

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